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Welcome to Steve’s Military History Blog

kingtiger205Welcome! I am a military history enthusiast and this blog is for sharing topics related to my lifelong obsession with military science and history. I will share photos, descriptions of books, places I have visited and other information that may be of interest.

My general interest:

American Civil War

World War 2

Vietnam War

Arab-Israeli Wars



Armored Fighting vehicles

Submarine warfare


My specific interests:

Military forces of the Third Reich

The German war on the Eastern Front in WW2


Yom Kippur War

Tank warfare in the Golan Heights

My favorite authors:

Anthony Cordesman

BH Liddell hart

Al Venter

PeopleĀ  in Military history that interest me the most:

Joachim Pieper

Erwin Rommel

Patrick Cleburne

Robert E Lee

George Patton

Stonewall Jackson

Scipio Africanus

Israel Tal

Some books I highly recommend:

Lessons on Modern war

Gunship Ace

Lost Victories